Sunday, 14 March 2010

The rain in Spain

Havent blogged in ages and so much has happened since..
My gorgeous pup is under potty training big time.. puddles are sending me demented, but, I am getting there..
Hubby and I drove to Spain, taking three days and stopped in some really nice hotels. Of course I sussed out who would take dogs and was quite amazed at how many are pet friendly.. When she gets her pet passport she will be joining us on these trips..
Spain was a disappointment, we planned to stay in our apartment for three weeks before driving home again.. Well! it rained solid apart from one day, we even had rain coming through the apartment ceiling. Oh glory be, they cannot repair roof until it dries out..
Anyway after two weeks we decided rather than grow webbed feet we would head home.. First day we made good time and stayed in a Parador.. A parador is government owned and are normally historic buildings which have been converted into luxury hotels.. This one was in Lerma, previously a castle which then became a palace, finally a hotel.. Think my only hang up was the monk music that they played, creepy
When we departed on our next leg of the journey it was freezing and there was a few little snow flakes fluttering about.. No worries my weather watch had predicted sunshine.. Not to be, we drove for over a hundred & fifty miles in heavy snow, what a nightmare.. It wasnt until we reached the next hotel close to Tours, where we had glorious sunshine and not a snowflake in sight that we learnt that the borders had been closed due to the horrendous weather conditions.. Oh! were we glad we made an early start that morning.
We needed a holiday when we eventually got home, felt as though I had jetlag..
My online shop had been busy while I was away, so I had to set to and start replenishing stock. Where to start was the problem, should I make red fascinators or black or pink? or did the corsages take priority.. Im still ploughing through.

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