Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Craftjuice Any One?

Today I have had a morning surfing through Craftjuice anyone else been on this site? A really good way to promote your links to Folksy, your own website and any other site you may be on, even Facebook I think..

I do feel I havent achieved much though so better get my act into gear and take the pup for a pit stop then maybe some painting for a change..

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Puppy Business

Seems ages since I blogged..
Been busy with my new pup and believe you me its like having a baby all over again.. Constantly watching just incase she decides to tiddle where she is not supposed to..
I had forgotten how hands on a pup needs to be.
I have managed to make three stunning fascinators, whilst fighting off the pup from attacking my ostrich feathers. One in a exquisite mint colour, another in sage and couldnt make my mind up on the next one so it turned out as a rainbow creations in pink, green, turquoise and primrose feathers.. Quite fetching really
In addition a burnt orange silk orchid corsage and also a white rosebud creation..
maybe do a little glass painting tonight as need a diversion, only slightly though

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Bring on the sun

Hibernation is over, now for some serious work..

I have been working on my new creations for those guests who dread wearing a hat..

Call in at any of my shops and find these designer masterpieces.. These are all listed at way below designer market prices. I adore my hobby and as long as I cover materials and a little time Im happy for you all to share in the prices that fit your pocket..
I remember a few years ago, when in a very posh frock shop, looking at the price tag of a designer fascinator. Nothing special, really! .. What shook me was its tag in excess of a £100. Thats when I though. yes! I can offer an equally if not better service to my customers.. No design repeated, maybe similar but NEVER the same..
My workroom is an Alladdins cave of every colour feather imaginable, in addition to beads, flowers, satin and sinamay fabric.
The bridal beaded creations are all threaded and wired by hand, making them so unique. of course these can also be worn by bridesmaids..
Not forgetting our pretty little flower girls. hair bands and wrist corsages are a must.
Pop into my world and enjoy ..

Monday, 18 January 2010

Spring is in the air

Looking out of my window this morning I spied a snuggled up bunch of snowdrops, the first I have noticed since the snow cleared.. I have a little woodland niche down the garden near a brook and oh wow! that will be smothered in snowdrops and miniature wild daffoldils a real sight for sore eyes after the winter we have experienced
No, the sun hasnt appeared ths morning which would have made this even more heart warming, but what a wonderful welcome to hear the birds twittering. Is this a sign of spring I wonder
Todays agenda.

Visit my 94yr old Mum .. Taking some of the old photo albums to stimulate her mind.. Well! its a good excuse anyway to reorganise into another book.

Later I will paint one of my vases. I have already outlined a gorgeous cluster of Fuchsia's. When that has been completed I will fire it in the oven along with another I completed with an orchid spray.

Must finish the last MNDAssociation logo although I hear there are another three tops to be delivered to me yet.

Finally if I can fit everything in I will try to make up a couple of fascinators. I think green is a must and perhaps another stunning purple. I havent checked what this year wedding colours are yet, anyone give me a clue?

Oh! forgot we are out to my grandsons third birthday tea. I expect he will be so excited and so soon after Christmas. I think my daughter needs to build an extension to house all the toys these children have. Not like us in our younger days. One main present, then sensible things like socks, gloves, orange nuts.. How did is escalate to this extent hey?

Wonder what time my day will end

Sunday, 17 January 2010


Had my gorgeous grandsons overnight and am I done in... Dont think my workroom has much oxygen left in it, the amount of times I have yawned in the last hour..

Wouldn't mind but the eldest decided to sleepwalk. Of course I was on edge and sleeping close to the surface then, subconciously listening.
Then the little one who was in a cot bed in our room decided to wet his bed at 5.15am. All good fun

I have managed to paint a vase with a stunning orchid and outline a fuchsia design on another. My embroidery machine trundled along at the same time machining one of the logo's for the sweatshirts that I am doing for the Arctic Challenge for the MNDAssociation

Hence I am now definitely in zombie land. Dare not go to bed too early or I will be wandering around in the dead of night. No doubt meet a few zombies on the way.. Lol!

Tomorrows another busy day..

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ass into gear

Well! Must move my ass and get the remaining tops embroidered with the MDNA logo...

Then! I think maybe, just maybe I will have a little relax with my glass paints.. Downloaded loads of orchid designs.. So yes, you probably guessed right Im going to have an orchid theme..
Bought loads of sale vases and now need to get different shaped ornamental bottles.. Old new, whatever.. Where from though.. I thought about auction houses etc, but really havent the time to trawl around sitting wasting time.. Any ideas where to get glass bits, really reasonable???
Although on reflection I should be in my fascinator world as the purple stock are dwindling..
Just sold a stunning creation that has gone off to Sweden.. I do hope the postal services treat it kindly as they are so fragile.. packed it well with Fragile tape all around it, but was reading some horror stories on a forum about our UK postal sytem.. Now Im having kitten about it arriving safely and in one piece. To date though i have to be honest I havent had any catastrophes, fingers crossed now.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


Taking My Own Advice

Why cant I listen to myself sometimes and say.Hey! come on you can't do everything..

Well! I have son that thinks I can.

Latest challenge which Im happy to say I did come up trumphs with.. Was to draw & create, with the help of my embroidery programs the logo for a 2010 fund raising event and embroider it onto the sweatshirts they will be wearing..
The first stages and testing are done after a gruelling eight hours.. Now the actual project when he delivers the goodies.
He is joining a sponsored arctic challenge expedition in Sweden to raise money for the MND Association (Motor neurone disease Ass)

Everything else went out the window but tomorrows another day

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Would anyone have some ADVICE?

Years ago I was told a story on a real life experience. It was heart rendering experience for all the people involved.

I have related this to many friends over the years and only recently thought that if this was noticed by maybe an author, that possible this family may benefit from it.

Does anyone know of or have any advice that I could pass on to them.. Its definetely a Catherine Cookson saga

Seriously, I know they would appreciate any input

Project Paint

Morning peeps
More excited about my painting project as new goodies arrived in the post.. more paints, & finer brushes.. I will start running out of glass items so better look out for some bargain bits online.
I have hundred of embroidery designs on the PC so will trawl through for some pretty flowers and then print them off.
Whoopee, I will be off and running shortly, must go and do the ablutions first or I will be here in my dressing gown all day.. AND, from past experience I always get caught out. What delight will I choose today as I loved the orchid design and will do that again but in a different colour.
Well! It certainly a stop in day anyway as its dull, dark and gloomy outside. Where's that sun hiding.
The wedding season is having a slow start this year, perghaps its because of the crunch climate and possible postponement of these celebrations.. Afterall shoestring weddings are a thing of the past now.. Which also reminds me I need to make a couple of pretty spring green creations before this painting really get a hold.
Have a happy and fun filled Tuesday, I will.

Monday, 11 January 2010

Am I bored... Never

Been having some playtime while waiting for the wedding season to start..

I had a fab Christmas pressie of glass paints and following a few disasters and broken glass into the bargain, I fininally completed a stunning vase which has a pretty orchid design in muted lilacs & pink..

I have listed it for sale but really having second thoughts as I just love it

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Our New Babies

I was so excited to see our new babies that I fogot to take an photo's..

This is a pic of our son-in-law's pup. Our's is identical except for a white flash under her chin.. Only two weeks to wait now... Just adorable I could have brought all six of them home with me..

Spain has definitely been put on hold.. Blowed if Im venturing out in all the snow thats forecast for UK and the continent.. We did aim to drive down, but do I look stupid!!! .. Roll on March hey.. Need some time with my new baby now...

On Nannie patrol tonight, so the boys have been fed and watered, had thier quiet time, one bedded down, one to go.. Guess its an early night for me as the little ones clock starts ticking veeeery early, and really! I dont do mornings. I suppose on reflection I will have to get used to it, especially with potty traing our new pup.. Owww!!!

Friday, 8 January 2010

Painting on Glass

Its sooo blinking cold I feel like hibernating till spring..

Practicing painting on glass, made a few gaffs. Luckily it can be washed off until you perfect a design.. When baked in the oven thats the final no going back step

Cannot sit doing nothing while waiting for sales and they are a bit thin on the ground at the moment.. I have to forcibly stop myself making yet another little gem, hence the painting.. They dont know what they are missing..

Will post more pics tomorrow after we have visited our new baby

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Great Escape

I went into town early to escape the plumbing crew who were stripping out my bathroom.. Must admit they were quick tidy and its suprising how courteous they can be if fed with mugs of tea. Oh! and I forgot young and handsome.. Well! I have to say that, one is my gorgeous son..
I now have to wait delivery of the new suite.. lucklily we have another bathroom so no hardship..
I stocked up the larder, had a session at the hairdressers and came home frozen to bits.. God! it was bitter today.. Now i will sit tight until Saturday, then off to see my new baby..

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

A New Baby

So excited.. Just received photo's of the puppies we are gong to see on Saturday.. We, as in my son In law and I get to choose our German Shepherd bitches. We are having one each.
This will be my fourth german shepherd and trained right are the most fantastic breed to have. I have always maintained that if a dog bites, it is because of the way it has been raised..

My father was a farmer and trained cattle, sheep and gun dogs, and boy were they gentle. Remember him saying, no dog should be vicious, its the owners who need training in the first instant

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Its Snow Joke

Bang goes the retail therapy trip..

Tutt!! I wanted some of those gorgeous uggies, a new winter coat and some trackies for travelling.. On reflection perhaps a shovel would be better

Too late now to buy online as we plan to go on hols on Monday..

Sunday, 3 January 2010

To Go or Not to Go

To Go or Not to Go, that is the question...

Dilemma time... Do I stay home and hope for a rush of sales???
Do we take off to Spain for 3weeks???... Dont relish the three day driving there and same back which is the only option this time...

Mmmmmm!!! I wonder, as the weather look pretty webbed feet at the moment

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