Saturday, 14 April 2012

Belated Catch up time

Silver Grey is the 'in' colour this year.. Just think how many colours can compliment it, turquoise, pink, red royal, black, cerise.. I think my favourite would be pink to be honest.. I have been busy building up my stock in the fascinators and have created some stunning bespoke designs,, As I am home based i do not have the overheads others have, thus my prices are kept to a minimum and will suit your pocket.. Had a tough 2011 but hopefully this year will see a climb in business as well as my own state of mind.. Moved house so have a new garden to get my hand into and just loving starting again with plant selections at the garden centres,, I love being creative even in my garden.. Must put some pics on when it becomes more established.. I will need that break in Spain after slogging away.. Im even excited about my raised veggie beds. Planted my potatoes today and have the beans, peas, carrots and cabbage at the ready.. I was so tired I sank into the bath for a soak around five and if I'd had the nerve would have donned my nightie and dressing gown, bit early though and knowing my luck would have been caught out big time.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Blimey! Its been an absolute age since I last blogged and a lot of water has gone under the bridge also..
Business has been diabolical, there again I think we are still getting the backlash of the financial climate.. Im thankful its my hobby and I dont have to rely on it to eat..
Holidays are zooming in and the family are on countdown.. Just hope we dont have to cancel our trip.. There again my hubby is my world an if it means another operation then so be it.. Feel so utterly sorry for him as these last two years have been literally crap.. All will hinge on our Tuesday appointment with the specialist.
I have managed to make loads of new creations.. I had a new delivery of stock materials and it was just like Christmas, didnt know which to start on first.. I am so easy to please..
My pup, is now almost eight months and what a beautiful, gorgeous girl she is.. Training has begun as these GSD are so strong willed.. I will win though in the end.. Cant wait to take her on hols with us, she has had all her tests etc and now has a doggy passport which I will add her photo to..
Well!! another day and as I didnt get to bed until 5am I am now beginning to droop. Time to get livened up.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Chomping on the Gnashers..or NOT

Oh dear! did I do the right thing about the teeth. A week later and I still cant eat properly, well! perhaps thats a good way to lose weight.. I have chickened out on having the bottom done. Think I would be like a rake if I went ahead.

Ive had really an eventful week, firstly my main PC went down (16 mths old)It transpires Windows Vista has crashed, and because I didnt make a set of recovery discs in the first instant, I now have to pay out £50 for the privilige of packard bell sending me a new one.. Luckily I was able to copy all relevent data to a memory stick,.. What a nightmare though

Second event was today.. I had purchase two tickets in Novemeber, Christmas pressie for hubby, to see Whitney Houstan. I decided to get the tickets out and noticed that on them the price was £111.00 each, yet I had paid £250 each.. I was mortified and contacted Seatwave who basically said that is what they pay and the rest is their mark up. WHAT!!! £139 per ticket profit, yes profit as they had already charged me a handling fee of £80 odd pounds plus £8 P&P... Guess I am the mug here but I will take it to the office of fair trading as this is just an utter rip off, what say you

Hope Whitney decides to have another off day, then maybe I can claim full refund.. This has really put the damper on what was supposed to be a special treat

Had my rant, now Im arming myself for battle

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Female Simon Cowell

An early start,as this is my big day for the teeth transformation. The first visit of four..
Why do I come up with these bright ideas.
Hubby said he would drive me and wait for two & half hours.. I am so thankful it only took just over an hour on the first leg...
My dentist certainly decided I wasnt going to feel any pain, in fact after eight injections, YES! eight, and five hours later I am only just feeling a little normality in one side of my very numb,puffy lips. No wonder my man insisted I had a mushroom omelete before we went as all I have been able to swallow is a milky tea sop.. (dont ask) which dribbled down my chin.
Talk about Mick Jagger lips, I would have beaten him hands down, just so pleased no-one decided to stick me to a shop window with those great big suckers..
In two weeks the real ones will replace these temporay gnashers and the following week, he starts on the bottom, which will be completed the next week. Days before we jet off to Vegas.. I can flash my sparkly teeth then, lets hope I can eat with them also.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunny Sunday

What a gorgeous day it has been, bit nippy, but the sun is glorious..
Had to refrain from taking pup for a walk as she had to be kept reasonably quiet for a week, after her hernia operation.. Have you tried trying to keep a hyperactive pup quiet. Near on impossible

Popped into town with hubby and bought four conifers.. I will have to sweet talk the gardener into digging the holes though..

Called and had a coffee with our son and had a pleasant hours chat with him

Decided to weed my rockery garden which is knee level, the pup decided she was helping though and kept running off with mouthfuls of weeds.. Now I know why dogs need worming so often.
Still havent finished the patio, so just 25% to do, but it has to be the worst part to jet wash.
Have a couple of Fascinator sets to complete now, so will take pics and list when done..
Might just veg out tonight, need a recharge of batteries

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Am I losing my mind?

Up early,as had to have the pup at the vets before 9.30am.. She has to have a little hernia op, bless her.. Had my breakfast, loaded up the kitchen roll, Ahh you might say, we have to be prepared along with the dettol spray.. Lastly puppykins, looking all forlorn and YES I needed the kitchen roll. Thought only kids got car sick.. Yuck!.
Sail into the vets in plenty of time with a cheery 'good morning' and was greeted in the same manner. ONLY she added, right time, wrong day... What a dipstick I am. We have to go through all that again tomorrow.
So my daughter, grandson and I had a trip to the garden centre, bought a lovely planter for my rockery, already planted so hope the pup doesnt decide to stage an attack. I was treated to lunch, just a pity we didnt sit on the decking as the sun was warm and inviting.. There again, on reflection our grandson could have ended up having a party with the Koi fish..
Arrived home and started on the patio again and still I havent finished it..
Now I am waiting for my PC screen to be collected for repair, it would have to go down. Luckily I have another PC networked, but do you think I can remember how to transfer files across.. in a word NO
In need of a caffiene injection so off to make a coffee..

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Powering Along

After an early start, sent hubby off to buy a new power hose.. Oh wow! bright yellow, after lots of fiddling I managed to assemble it connected the hosepipe and away I went..
Well! I dont know what the pup really thought to it, barked her head off for all of 20 seconds then skidded into the back porch and into her cage (huge thing) No that wasnt far enough away so sidled behind it and glared through the bars.. After 30 minutes or so she became a little braver and actually lay on the doorstep watching me.. By this time I was almost done in, after moving huge plantpots with this back breaking job, especially as you have to stoop over...
So far I have only completed a sixth of the patio, but oh boy does is look great. Even the wooden seat got blasted ready for its anual staining.
I came in splattered in muck, soaking jeans and literally bent in half.. After a coffee break I decided what I needed would be a nice hot bubbly bath, fantastic..
Back to reality in my workroom discovered I had a good few sales, so I sorted and packed, updated my website and sent thank you emails to my customers..
Oh dear! 11.11pm and i was going to have an early night as have to be up early tomoorow. My baby has to have a hernia op, bless her cotton socks.. AND, the vet said i was to keep her quiet for a WEEK.. shes a puppy for goodness sake..

Monday, 22 March 2010

A hectic Monday

2.45pm and I have just come up to my workroom to actually do some work.. Bit hectic today.
Visited my 93 year old Mum who was not in the greatest of moods, do feel so drained after that trip today..
Then had a quick bite to eat and proceeded to go and feed my daughters pup..

Thought I would post a couple of pics for the MND Association.(Motor Nuerone Disease Ass)
It was the Arctic challenge which my son also joined.. I was honoured that they selected me to design and embroider their MNDA Logo onto some fleeces which they would be wearing..
They had such a lot of support and sponsors.. Well done to them all, as it must have frozen their socks off at -40c Brrrrrr

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Couldnt sleep so got up and did some work on my PC, finally went back to bed 2am, then woke with the alarm at 7.30am.. OH hell!!! this is Sunday, but I have a little piddle pot waiting to be let out. First time she was dry overnight. Its like having a baby again, however, think it was the five and a half hours as opposed to the normal seven and half during the night..
Well, first things first. Hubby and I popped into town, couldnt find the towels I was after, Petrol garage was next stop, PC world and finally B&Q where I managed to get such a pretty black & white roller blind for the bathroom that has just been completed.
Stomach by this time was thinking my throat had been cut, so it was off to brunch in a little cafe in a village not far from us.. Yummy! Finally filled, I decided to ring my daughter and we loaded up two cars with dogs and kids and headed for our local country park.. It was a pleasure rambling along the walks, with the kids and dogs jumping in the muddy puddles.. Son in law took the kids to the play area while we armed ourselves with coffee and goodies for us all. We sat outside on the wooden picnic benches, the sun was warm, lots of like minded people milling around, dogs socialising. Although tired I feel absolutely exhilarated by the excercise and atmosphere.. Loved every minute.
Back to reality now, as have some lovely goodies to parcel up ready for posting tomorrow.. Think I may have a sneaky nap first though to recharge the ol' batteries.

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