Saturday, 14 April 2012

Belated Catch up time

Silver Grey is the 'in' colour this year.. Just think how many colours can compliment it, turquoise, pink, red royal, black, cerise.. I think my favourite would be pink to be honest.. I have been busy building up my stock in the fascinators and have created some stunning bespoke designs,, As I am home based i do not have the overheads others have, thus my prices are kept to a minimum and will suit your pocket.. Had a tough 2011 but hopefully this year will see a climb in business as well as my own state of mind.. Moved house so have a new garden to get my hand into and just loving starting again with plant selections at the garden centres,, I love being creative even in my garden.. Must put some pics on when it becomes more established.. I will need that break in Spain after slogging away.. Im even excited about my raised veggie beds. Planted my potatoes today and have the beans, peas, carrots and cabbage at the ready.. I was so tired I sank into the bath for a soak around five and if I'd had the nerve would have donned my nightie and dressing gown, bit early though and knowing my luck would have been caught out big time.

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